13 Years Later: Taylor Swift’s New Album

By: Alexa Hernandez- La Rosa, reporter

One of Taylor Swift’s most popular albums- Fearless- was released in 2008. Her second and most successful album won her four Grammy Awards and sold more than 10 million copies in the U.S. On February 11th, Swift announced that she was releasing a newly recorded version of the album.

When it first came out, Swift, like many new stars, did not have a lot of control when it came to her music. Her record label gave her little freedom, according to her.

After moving companies several times, the singer began to fight to take control of her previous songs. The owner of a master recording is in charge of selling albums and licensing them for entertainment purposes such as movies, advertisements, and video games.

Recently, Swift has created new master recordings of her older songs to have the rights to her newer versions. She now is the one in charge of selling and licensing the newer versions of her songs from the ‘Fearless’ album.

“I think that artists deserve to own their work,” Swift said on ‘Good Morning America’. “I just feel very passionate about that.”

Since announcing her plans on Twitter, she has released the album with 26 songs, including six unreleased albums from the vault. Her new version of her song ‘Love Story’ has even won her first country number one debut.

Many of her fans have supported her decision.

Sophomore Aubrey Brownie said, “I loved the ‘Fearless’ album when it first came out. I like the newer versions as well and how she changed a few things around to fit her perspective.”

Others are anticipating a new version of her other albums.

Junior Mikaela Gamboa said, “I have a feeling that she plans on doing something similar with her older albums as well. I hope so because I would love to see what she has planned for them.”

Many hope that Swift plans to continue the battle and release newer versions of her old hits.

WCTA students are obsessed with Taylor Swift’s new album.

Photo Credit: Maestro M.

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