Angelina "No"-lie and Brad "Quitt"

Hollywood couples seem magical and fairy-tale like to outsiders, appearing and disappearing, almost with increasing speed. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were no strangers to this theory.

Brangelina had begun dating in May of 2004. Pitt and Jolie met on the set of their movie, “Mr. & Mrs. Smith.” At the time, he was married to Jennifer Aniston. Falling in love with Jolie, however, prompted him to file a divorce with Aniston and pursue a relationship with Jolie. Aniston and Pitt got divorced in October of 2005.

Over the course of 12 years, they had gotten married, starred in a movie together, and raised six different children.

On September 19th, 2016, Jolie filed for divorce due to inconsolable differences. Allegedly, there are many different reasons as to why Jolie had wanted to get a divorce. Sources say that one of the reasons is the incident that happened on their private jet on September 14th. Pitt allegedly got physical and verbally abusive with one of his kids.

Pitt told People Magazine that he was, “very saddened by this, but what matters most now is the well-being of our kids.”

However, while Brangelina is coming to an end, other Hollywood power couples are not. There is still faith in Hollywood’s most unstoppable couples.

One of the most impressive power couples are Beyonce and Jay-Z. They have been married since 2008. Both artists have been extremely successful, in their solo careers and their marriage.

Although, a couple will always have their ups & downs. Earlier this year, Beyonce had released her sixth studio album, titled “Lemonade.” It drew a great deal of controversy, confronting the cheating allegations that Jay-Z faced in 2014.

Jay-Z had fully supported her in the release of the album, staying by her side. Since then, Bey and Jay have gone through marriage counselling and are now over these humps and bumps.

Kimye is another example of a Hollywood power couple. Marrying in 2014, Kimye now have two children; Saint West and North West. Even though much controversy surrounds them, they have managed to stay strong.

Like Brangelina, there have been other couples that did not work out as expected. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner tied the knot in 2005, but divorced in mid-2015. Having three young children, they have tried to keep things as normal as possible for them by living in two separate residences in their Pacific Palisades, California compound.

A temporary custody agreement has now been worked out by both Pitt and Jolie. Jolie gets full custody of all six children. Pitt is allowed to have visits, but both parents are subject to random alcohol and drug tests.

It wasn’t too long ago when Jolie told BBC that they’d “be together till the end of our days.” If only these very words were the truth… because it seems like the end is here.

The death of Bragelina.

Photo Credit: Aaron Liu

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