Sunrise and Smiles

Picture this: the sight of seniors joyfully sprinting into the grassy lawn of West Tech at five a.m. in the morning. Odd, right? Unless it’s a petition to use “senioritis” as an actual excuse from doing homework, it probably means it’s West CTA’s annual Senior Sunrise!

Senior Sunrise took place on Friday, September 23rd at five-thirty a.m. Students sporting their senior crowns and class shirts gathered onto the field with glowing smiles and positive vibes, despite the oncoming frostbite the seniors started to develop, the overall social was a fun experience!

Senior Dance Company members gather together under the rising sun during the 2016 annual Senior Sunrise!

Photo Credit: Maddie Sher

“Senior Sunrise was very fun and very cold. I have been looking forward to this morning all three years of high school,” Alyssa Costa, 12th grade, said gripping her Starbucks in her hand the morning of Senior Sunrise.

Upbeat music blared from loud speakers while fun activities took place throughout the field. Einstein Bagels, doughnuts, and coffee were passed out during the whole event. A large polaroid frame was also hung up as a cute photo stop for people to take pictures in.

Toward the front of the field was a table where students wrote their personal goals for the year and placed it in a box for it to be opened during Senior Sunset.

Dance Company Captain Amber Best was especially excited about this box. “I love the idea of a personal goal box! It will make me more motivated to get through the school year!” Amber’s personal goals for this school year include getting good grades, spending as much time with friends as possible, and making sure dance company has a great year.

Based off the great turn-out for Senior Sunrise, students are especially excited for Senior Sunset.

Human Relations member Madison Kim, 12th grade, expressed her excitement for the special end-of-year event. “I’m excited for Senior Sunset because it will be the last real gathering before graduation,” she remarked. “It will be a time for us to reflect upon all the amazing memories we’ve had the past four years!”

Overall, the friendships, laughter, and music made the annual Senior Sunrise a success! The memories made will last a lifetime, and seniors are looking forward for what is in store for Senior Sunset.

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