Hurricane Ravages the South-East

The past weeks have been a trying time for Haitians, Cubans, Bahamians, and Americans, as Hurricane Matthew has ravaged through the South-East. As of now, over 1,000 deaths have occurred spanning multiple countries. More than 30 Americans have been confirmed dead resulting from the horrific storm.

The Category-4-Hurricane started its destruction in Haiti. Haiti is a third world nation with a long bloody history of oppressive regimes, revolution, and natural disasters; this disaster could be a setback for Haitian progress.

Soon after the storm had left Haiti, it struck Cuba. Moving north, the hurricane went through the Bahamas and alongside the American Southeast. Florida and North Carolina suffered the worst out of all of the affected states.

Unfortunately, the effects of this hurricane hadn’t vanished alongside the storm itself. There is still damage being dealt to the survivors of the disaster, but luckily, there are many groups willing to come to their aid. The World Health Organization is a prime example.

Haiti is under the threat of a potential cholera epidemic. As a result, the WHO has sent over 1,000,000 cholera vaccines, according to an article by CNN. Preparations for future outbreaks may, thankfully, be prevented with due diligence and care.

Efforts to help victims here in the United States are underway as well. Donations are being made to residents of the affected states by various groups (The LDS for example) and individuals. It is times like these which create a sense of community often alien in American society.

Hopefully, more volunteers will spring up in both the Mainland United States and the Caribbean Islands. Keeping a cool head, being charitable when possible, and prioritizing on what needs to be fixed will ensure that the victims have a better future. Things look bleak, but the community always prevails.

Photo Credit: Stav Levaton

Hurricane Matthew affected thousands in the South-East.

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