Bigly Debate

The American public finally got what they’ve been waiting for. On Tuesday, September 26, Republican candidate Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton both met to have their first, long-awaited debate.

The debate took place at Hofstra University and ended with Hillary Clinton “winning” the debate.

According to a CNN/ORC Poll, Americans believe that Clinton would handle the economy better than Trump. 51% of the viewers voted for Hillary; only 47% voted for Trump on this issue. The situation looked bad for Trump, but very good for Hillary.

The polls also had shown that, out of 521 people, 62% said Hillary had performed better. Only 27% claimed that Trump did a better job on the stage. There are still quite a large amount of people who are undecided (11% of the people did not vote).

The debate itself started around 6:00 P.M (Pacific) and ended at 7:30 P.M. The two candidates were asked about a wide variety of subjects, from their economic plans to their views of gun control and “Stop and Frisk.”

Clinton and Trump both started off the debate by talking about their economic plans. Trump expressed his concern over the growth of potential economic rivals, such as China. On the topic of taxes, he promised massive tax cuts, but also a tax on products coming into the United States.

Clinton took a different approach, denouncing Trump’s plan to lower taxes so heavily. She also advocated for taxation on corporations. The two candidates had somewhat of an agreement when discussing trade deals, where they could both expressed that trade deals have hurt American jobs.

Poll results in percentage.

Photo Credit: Matthew Lundy

As of yet, there is no way to predict who is going to win; it is quite possible that Trump could win the next debate. With more debates in the future and two third party candidates, it could be anyone’s race.

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