Powderpuff 2016

Last Friday at West Career and Technical Academy, the freshman class and junior class teams went head to head at the finales of the annual powderpuff tournaments. The juniors took off and won the tournament with some struggles along the way.

Each teams number of students ranged from eight to fifteen students. Junior’s team coach Mr.Gromny prepped his girls, including some students like Brooke Wallace, Tracy Kealoha, and Katrina Fontanialla, by starting every practice with warm ups, studying plays, practicing general skills for football, and finding the best position strong suits for the players.

Class teams proved to show the same techniques used at practice, but what set their teams apart were their gameplans and whether or not their teams worked together.

Before the first game on Wednesday of homecoming week, Mrs.McKinney, the senior class’s team coach, said “Powderpuff is all about having fun.” Isabella Stubbs, a senior teammate, had an optimistic view on the game and said that “this [powderpuff] is all about working as a team.”

The first competition was the freshman and the sophomore game and both sides were hyped with confidence knowing that only one team would make it out to the next game on Friday.

Throughout the whole game, the sophomore's fought hard for a touchdown but interceptions by Megan Reynolds,the freshman quarterback, were what scored the freshman their two touchdowns. The game was competitive but was ended 14-7 in the last minute of the game by Megan Reynolds, who scored the freshman winning touchdown.

The next game consisted of the juniors and the seniors who were rough the whole 30 minutes of the game. The seniors surprised the juniors with an immediate touchdown but the juniors soon caught up. With the game filled with aggressive falling, the juniors were ahead 14-7 in the last half of the game but the foul that could have gotten the seniors to win did not pull through. The game ended and the juniors were relieved.

Friday came after a Thursday filled with playful trash talk between the junior and freshman teams. The smell of hotdogs lurked in the field as the players of both the teams threw the ball back and forth either nervously or confidently,

According to Alex Morgan, junior player, she was self-assured because of the junior team being so “in-sync.”

The game began and the juniors pulled ahead; Megan Reynolds chased them back to midfield. For the first half, the girls run back and forth using gameplays called “hawkeye” and using specialized names for hikes.

Second half came and the juniors amped up their game which scored them their first touchdown. An interception by Alex Morgan saved the juniors from a close touchdown with the freshman.

Apparent ‘unfair” reffing occurred when a girl’s flags fell off and she kept running. The other team did not know that they could still chase her, so it was not counted. This was besides the point that the juniors then scored another touchdown and won the game.

The chant that the juniors started the game with that repetitively yelled “ I believe that we will win!” turned out to be completely true, as they took a victory lap around the parking lot in a pickup truck yelling their happiness.

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