Dancing to the Top

Dance Company just got larger than ever with the handful of new recruits. Dance Co. Captains Amber Best and Jared Viray tell their opinions about all the new members.

With the first assembly and dance company performance over, the new Dance Co. members have officially joined the team. This year’s dance team is the largest team ever in WCTA’s history with 41 dancers total; 20 girls and 21 boys. The majority of this large crew are the new members that either tried out at the end of the 2015-16 school year or pick ups from early September audition.

All the new recruits are enjoying Dance Company so far and are adjusting to the new and exciting experience. “I feel very happy and accomplished,” said Faith Dillon, freshman, when asked how she felt about making it into dance company, “I tried out with the best of my ability and got in!”

“I feel the veterans think of me as one of their own. I feel that they want to train me to become as great as them or better, but I can see why they might be strict with detail and practice,” said Jerrod Batu, grade 11. Batu tried out at the beginning of this year and made it on as a pick up, but Batu has hopes to be as good as the veterans by the end of his senior year.

The Dance Captains, Jared Viray and Amber Best, both seniors, have been on the team since their freshmen year. “The new members this year remind me of myself when I joined the team. They are very excited to learn and to create their own choreography as well,” Best said, “The new members of dance company this year are all unique and very talented. I know that they will work hard and bring lots of school spirit to the team.”

With this year’s dance team being larger than ever, this year brings in massive amounts of talent. The new members’ talent and skill will be tested and put to the challenge in this prestigious dance team at West. What is your opinion on the new Dance Co members and how do you think they will contribute talent to this notorious crew?

The 2016-2017 Dance Company.

Photo Credit: Ms. Pavesich

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