Forbidden Halls

Students may find lunchtime a little more difficult in the 2016-2017 school year at West CTA. The school’s administration has implemented a new rule prohibiting students from eating in building hallways during lunch, changing the freedom of students from previous years. Was this decision worth the benefits at West or has this just created an overcrowded lunchroom?

In the last few years, the school has fought problems with bugs and critters, creating health violations that were just not appealing to students and staff alike. According to West Tech’s Dean, Ms. Snipes, we have not yet seen animals this year, and it seems like trash has decreased as well.

“We now have a cleaner and safer campus this year. I don’t think there are necessarily cons, since there’s plenty of outside room as well.” Ms. Snipe said about West.

On the other hand, Mr. Pack, a Business teacher, feels students are more restricted now, which he finds disappointing since we emulate a more open, college-like campus.

“Most students would behave well in the hallway, and when we asked them to pick up their trash, they did, so I don’t think they were really a disruption last year,” Mr. Pack said when it comes to classroom distractions.

Marinell Edran, grade 10, knows first-hand the difficulties students face at lunch. Edran would sit in the building hallways with friends last year, and finds it inconvenient with the new rule, but understands the reasons for the decision.

“Finding chairs has become difficult in the cafeteria, and some days we have to sit somewhere outside in the Quad which isn’t always the best because of the weather here, but when we do get chairs, then other people get kicked out in turn.”

Overall, West has been cleaner than ever in the 2016-2017 school year, but many students aren’t too happy about the rule. With the cold winters coming soon, students may be wishing they were still able to have access to the forbidden hallways.

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