Interview with Erin Schrode

In a passionate interview, previous California Congressional Candidate Erin Schrode discusses her commitment to civic engagement, her passion for the environment, and her personal beliefs.

Erin Schrode has been a vegetarian for all of her life. Her commitment to being a staunch vegan for the rest of her life is inspiring. When asked why she went vegan, she said, "It's an environmental statement more than anything else. The factory farming industry is an absolute disgrace, along with animal agriculture. I didn't want to have a role in that. It's the single most effective way to reduce your carbon footprint." Her passion for animal welfare was evident through the tone of her voice. She added on stating that Americans need to leave this place better than the way they found it by supporting local organic farms and rebuilding the country’s agriculture. They need to petition the FDA to step in and regulate, and push for animal welfare bills.

Erin co-founded the organization Turning Green in 2005 when she was only 13-years old! The purpose of Turning Green was initially founded to be a campaign that opposed hazardous chemicals in beauty and personal care products. She's also a vocal community advocate and is a paradigm of civic virtue. She gave an informative list about the types of organizations high school students can involve themselves in. These included: She's the First, Pencils of Promise, and of course, her very own Turning Green.

Erin's strong civic virtue and civic engagement is incredibly admirable. In society today, less and less people are involved in their communities. She remarked on this lack of civic efficacy, and agreed, stating, "People feel so removed and feel as if it's so irrelevant to participant, and that it's corrupt and stagnant... You can't just walk away. You can make a difference. There's a lot of people who really do want to listen to you. It's also really important to recognize that our generation and use media we've never before soon, and get involved in volunteering and nonprofit and forget about the policy arena because it seems so inaccessible.”

It was an honor to interview an up and coming political figure, and one who is so politically committed to bettering her community and nation as a whole.

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