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November 2014, freshman Ivan Skoro walked unknowingly into the J building not knowing what was to come of his first “Crossfit” workout. Ivan Skoro, now a junior crossfit star at West Career and Technical Academy, is unstoppable when lifting weights in his intense exercises.

“It [Skoro’s first work out of the day (WOD)]was so tough, I wanted to cry.” Skoro laughed off as he explained his thought process after his first crossfit workout. He was introduced to crossfit freshman year and throughout all the pain and soreness of his first weeks, he was eager for the competition with himself.

Starting at five foot seven inches and at 205 pounds “ with no muscle,” said Skoro. Due to this, he explained that he had self esteem issues because of his body image. Skoro started the school crossfit program with an open mind and ended up loving the thrill of getting healthy and getting his stress worked out.

After Skoro got so into crossfit, he found himself in a great state of health on the, “health triangle.” This “health triangle” consists of physical, mental, and social health and Skoro recognized his life grew substantially better in all three categories. His muscles grew extraordinarily fast, he “learned how to be social,” and ended up feeling better about the way he looked.

”I was afraid of being criticized for what I looked like.” Now, he is mentally overjoyed that he no longer has this subconscious thought burdening him any more.

“The best feeling is when you go to the gym and release frustration.” Skoro knows he is healthy when he is feeling relaxed after a workout that he essentially “worked out his problems.” Skoro said crossfit has affected him in “every single way” meaning that three years ago he expected that life went on like it was: school, homework, eat, sleep. After crossfit he was looking at life with a determination for greatness.

Skoro, with a 385 pound back squat (barbell is on back while squatting), constantly is competing with fellow coaches for personal records (PRs) and is always talking about crossfit gains around school.

Life with Skoro has its perks because he is a “wonderfully, supportive friend,” said Ally Ching, but it also includes never letting one of his friends give up and always obsessing about crossfit.

Skoro said crossfit changed his life and he has shown amazing progress as an athlete at this school that definitely earned him the name “ that nice, buff, crossfit guy.”

Ivan Skoro focuses only on the task at hand: reaching the top of the rope to complete what is known as a rope climb in his eighth period crossfit class.

Photo Credit: Juliette Doumergue

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