West Tech Sniping

Ms. Snipes, Dean, a new addition to the West Tech administration this year, is not playing around. Coming from Sig Rogich Middle School, Ms. Snipes is ready to take on whatever comes her way.

Ms. Snipes came to West CTA because she wanted to try something new, and she heard awesome things about the staff and students here.

S he describes herself as approachable, dependable, and friendly. Ms. Snipes believes that it is okay to question the rules and make suggestions, but that they must be reasonable. Her biggest pet peeves are lazy people and liars.

“ I think that your first impression is everything,” said Ms. Snipes when asked how she feels about dress code. In her opinion dress code is important because she believes that the way a student dresses can demonstrate who they are and that first impression stays in her mind. She also says that she won’t make any big changes to the rules that have already been established.

The West Tech vibe is new to Ms. Snipes due to the old schools that she was employed at. She said it was very different from the previous schools she was employed at, but she absolutely loves it.

In the beginning of the school year, a rule was changed about which doors the students were allowed to enter through. “ That was made to keep everyone safe,” commented Snipes on the new rule. Her priority is safety for students and faculty.

Ms. Snipes is looking forward to an amazing year at WCTA. Two things Ms. Snipes wants students to take away from this interview are that she has an open door policy, and students should, “Smile like they mean it!

Ms. Snipes showing off her school spirit by posing with Frankenstein.

Photo Credit: Karina Garcia

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