The Maze of the College Process

It’s that time again! Seniors are dashing to finish college applications, in hopes of getting into their dream schools after a culmination of four years of hard work.

The college application process might as well be a maze of forms, essays, and instructions. It’s intimidating and scary, but with some advice and guidance, its terror can be simplified!

Here are some personal tips that may be helpful for juniors and current seniors:

  • Create a list of all possible colleges or universities.

  • Organize the list to your preference, including pros and cons of each college or university. This may include tuition, student size, location, and average scores. Rate each college A, B, or C. A for being the most desirable, and C with the least desirable.

  • After organizing the list, narrow down the list to the top schools. A good number of colleges or universities is around seven - ten: two-three safety schools, four-five match schools, and one-two reach schools.

  • Next, create a timeline, organizing when each application is due, financial aid deadlines, scholarship deadlines, early option choices, testing dates, and what components for each application are requirement.

  • Then, ask recommenders for recommendations and make sure to give them an ample amount of time.

“Do your research on schools that you are interested in before you apply. By making sure it’s a good possibility before you apply, you will prevent unnecessary spending on application fees when you could be using that money towards the school you end up going to.” said Alyssa Costa, senior, on her college tips. Good luck seniors with this college process and remember to enjoy your senior year while you’re at it!

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