Spooky Students at WCTA

Students at WCTA appeared to be very enthusiastic about Halloween falling on a Monday, because they were able to dress up for the holiday instead of their typical Monday “dress for success” attire. Several wore witch hats, while others walked around in their onesies, but is all of this even beneficial to WCTA?

“I would highly advise students to not dress up as clowns”, stated Mr.Yee, the assistant principal of WCTA when he was questioned on what he believed a safe way for students to dress up. He also added that it would be best if students did not bring fake weapons [as it is illegal to do so] or anything that would make them unidentifiable, such as a mask or a full body suit.

Mr. Pack, the BSA teacher at WCTA,had a similar response, and said that students should not bring fake weapons nor full face masks.

Agreeing with both of Yee and Pack, students should avoid making themselves a threat, as they could potentially be attacked by staff in order to protect other students. Students could also see other students as threats and attack them.

“Students should be allowed to wear their costumes during a common time for people to dress up. It could be for a certain holiday or a special occasion”. Pack responded by saying he believed that it would be most appropriate to dress up on holidays such as Halloween and Valentine's day.

Agreeing with what both Pack and Yee had to say on when they believed would be an appropriate time for students to dress up, it would be the best for school spirit weeks, and commonly celebrated holidays, as long as nothing ends up being offensive.

The more important question of where the beliefs of students who do not necessarily agree with the holiday stand is addressed by Yee and Pack very differently. Yee said, “Those students may feel a bit more left out, due to everyone enjoying themselves”. He then added that the school is about acceptance and that they should not worry about it too much.

Pack responded with, “ Students in that situation would not feel left out. They consciously chose to not dress up in order to respect their own religion or culture.”

Adding onto what Pack had said, many students do not dress up in general, and it would be hard for others to feel left out as less than half the students of WCTA dress up anyway.

When Yee was asked how dressing up could potentially pose a threat to the safety of the students, he said, “If it was seen as a threat, the administration would have already done something about it”. Yee later added that the school would not allow anything obscene or degrading to other students.

Pack also agreed with what Yee had stated by saying that it would only pose a threat if it was emotionally or physically harming to other students. He also added that having the school dress up for these holidays is supposed to bring the students at WCTA closer together.

Two WCTA students show off their strange costumes.

Photo Credit: Naomi Rodriguez

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