Crazy Clown Catastrophe

Who would assume that the funny, face painted, red nosed clowns would become a major problem in the world. Nobody would. However, they are an uprising issue because they have been making threats and have been walking around with sharp objects.

Reports of clown sightings and hauntings in over 20 states have everyone on edge and alert. The reports have even got the attention of the White House and Congress.

One case in Lancaster, Ohio states that around two a.m. on Sept. 27, 2016, a woman called the local police saying that she saw someone dressed as a clown holding a large kitchen knife. Officers looked for the accused, but were unable to locate the clown.

Another Ohio case in suburban Cincinnati caused a whole school district to close on Sept. 30. This happened after a woman in Reading was allegedly attacked on her front porch by a man dressed in a clown costume. Reportedly, the man threatened students at nearby schools during the attack.

Clown cases have even spread across into the Atlantic and into Great Britain. People around the U.K.have been reporting a series of sightings of people dressed as clowns frightening children. Six different reports have been reported by Northumbria Police.

A local Henderson case in Green Valley High School states that threats go one step further with rumors of a shooting. So far, the speculations have failed to turn up true and existent, but people still need to stay safe and aware of the news.

A trend which can be seen with all the clown sightings is that they are never caught by the police and no video evidence of the attacks has been found.

During these dark times, clowns symbolize darkness and horror. Before they used to represent happiness and joy in little kids.

Photo Credit: Stav Levaton


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