Freshman State of Mind

On the road to success, the graduating class of 2020 had some pretty fresh thoughts on their experiences at West Tech.

During the hard times of choosing which high school to go to, why West Tech? Many freshmen said they joined because they heard from others that West Tech is the second best high school in Nevada, while others said they joined because it sounded cool.

Everyone that goes to West knows that the workload can get pretty rough. Many of the freshmen said that after their first month of high school, they began to get the hang of everything

In most middle schools, there are no A/B days; so for freshmen it must be new to not have every class every day. Some of the freshmen said that there was no difficulty in adjusting to the new schedule and others said that it was very confusing, and they were still going to the wrong classes daily.

West CTA is not a normal high school; there is always so much going on and so much to do. When asked what they are looking forward to at West Tech, most of them said to be more involved in their surroundings, and to better their work ethic and education.

The type of curriculum that is offered at West, is very more advanced than any other high school in the state.

“I want to go to my dream college.”, said freshmen Connor Dee when asked what he wanted to achieve by attending West Tech.

When applying for West, it’s basically as if you’re signing up to be piled in books and essays all school year; the workload can definitely take a toll on someone’s social life.

The freshmen responded to the question, “How has West affected your social life?” half of the freshmen answered that their social life has been completely thrown out of the equation during the first week of school, while others replied that their social life was increased and they have found great friends that they’re excited to share their high school experience with.

The freshmen of West Career and Technical Academy will surely be in for a crazy ride for the next 4 years!

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