2016 Election Results

The results for the 2016 Presidential Elections are in; Donald Trump has been elected as our next President, with Mike Pence set to be our Vice President. The Republican Party will have control over the House and the Senate, causing a big loss for the Democrats.

Trump, although losing the popular vote, won the 270 electoral votes required for him to assume office in January. Trump finished with 290 electoral votes while Democratic Candidate Hillary Clinton finished with 228.

Compared with the results from the 2012 election, it would appear there are more “red states” this year than in the last election: Among these states include Florida, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Ohio. The sudden influx of control that has been given to the Republicans could prove troublesome for Democrats in the near future.

“It is time for us to come together as one united people. I pledge, to every citizen in this land, that I will be president for all Americans,” Trump said in his acceptance speech Tuesday night. One might think that any tension would end with the election results, but this is far from the truth.

It would appear that many people are disgruntled by the election results; some more so than others. Oakland, Miami, Chicago, and many other American cities have had protesters march their streets, all in response to Trump’s election. Many protesters have remained peaceful and calm, but some have not.

Some protesters have chosen to take on heavily biased ideas, such as painting anyone who supports Trump as a White-Nationalist and a Racist. Clearly not all of the protesters have been behaving like this, but many have been.

Regardless of the protests, one thing is certain: Donald Trump will be president come January. The protests are bound to continue raging on, but the people have spoken. The results, like them or not, are here to stay, as they should be in any healthy Democracy.

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