Brandon Sulzburg: Serving His Way to College

Brandon Sulzburg, high school senior tennis player, serves his way into the hearts of college scouts from his impressive aptitude for his sport. Sulzburg set himself up for greatness after he started focusing his physical strength into tennis.

Student here at WCTA, Sulzburg's focus for his tennis skills are to go to a “D3”college, otherwise know as a division three college, that allows him to get in for his tennis abilities and have great academic programs as well.

Sulzburg hasn’t just picked up this sport though. He has been training and persevering at this sport for almost ten years and remembers how his dad took him out on the court and how he couldn’t hit a ball.

Comparing then to now, Sulzburg has come a long way. With private training two to three hours a day, having tournaments every weekend, and competing with his team USCA, Sulzburg said tennis requires an “open schedule.”

This open schedule is difficult to juggle for Sulzburg’s when it comes down to managing his school work. Sulzburg said West Tech has been a significant help especially this and last year. Coaches of his are also flexible because they understand his priority of school work. But through this struggle, he showed real dedication and workmanship to both his school and tennis.

Behind the scenes of this sport comes a bounty of strength. This meaning mental and physical. Sulzburg has had to overcome two knee surgeries, a torn rotator cuff, and smaller injuries that challenged his abilities and tested his strength.

He persevered through these injuries and strived to get back up. Sulzburg has been offered multiple college opportunities and now is figuring out which one to choose. These schools include UC Santa Cruz, Franklin Marshall, Chapman, and UMass universities all of which are highly rated and prestigious. Sulzburg has this connection to this sport and he described it as “a very competitive game.” Luckily, he said he happened to be a very competitive person. He said “ Every point is important, every game is important, and it always comes down to the wire.”

This is clearly a decent amount of pressure for him, yet he said tennis is his highest recommendation because “even though all of you is out there: your emotions, physical problems, and mental problems, it [tennis] teaches you more about life.”

He is right. After all life can be considered full of competition dedication and in the end “it all comes down to the wire.”

Brandon Sulzburg prepares himself to hit the tennis ball as he trains for the many tournaments and competitions to come.

Photo Credit: Kristen De Guzman

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