'Tis the Season to be Fuzzy

Monday, November 14 begins the week that every person at WCTA will feel a little bit fuzzy inside. November 14-19 is Warm Fuzzy week at WCTA, a week in which students are given their warm fuzzies (the strings off of their yarn necklaces) in order to give compliments, and give thanks for everybody in their lives.

Student Council has arranged multiple activities for the week of thanks in order to show everyone thanks. In the cafeteria, a thankful tree has been set up for students to write who they are thankful for and why they are thankful for that person. Besides creating the warm fuzzies, Student Council is creating the thankful buttons, these buttons are passed around to teachers who want to show thanks to other teachers. The sophomore Student Council has created a video to be displayed on KCOW, this video has students talking about who they are thankful for and why.

When asked what the significance of warm fuzzy week was, Tseion Membratu, sophomore student council member, replied’ “Warm fuzzy week is a great week to show love to the people you are thankful for. It’s a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving, and everything that Thanksgiving means. Students should be excited for warm fuzzy week because you will learn what you mean to someone, and all of the genuine compliments give you a great feeling. The different activities throughout the week all combine to give the school a warm fuzzy feeling.”

Warm fuzzy week will alway be a reminder of how important a person is as an individual. It shows us how we have made an impact around us and that we truly are appreciated by our friends. So be sure to always show thanks for all of the important people in your life because who doesn’t love that warm fuzzy feeling?

Camryn Hanf giving warm fuzzy to Kate Hatfield

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Guillen

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