When Do the Holidays Really Begin?

The weather becomes chilly, ornaments are hung, and families laugh together around the warmth of blazing fires around this time of year. Most people tend to recognize this as the holiday season, consisting of Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Years, and/or others. However, when is it time to start decorating with the festive lights and pine trees with an array of presents scattered beneath it?

There seems to be a debate over the fact of when it is appropriate to get into the holiday spirit. A number of people feel that the holiday season starts after Halloween passes, while some may keep their stockings up 365 days a year.

Joseph Portelli, sophomore, feels that as the temperature drops, our spirits for these festive times should rise.

When asked when we should begin getting into the holiday spirit, he said, “I think about a week before Thanksgiving is a good time, so we can start getting ready to buy presents, especially since Black Friday is coming up.”

Portelli adds, “I know some people who listen to holiday music throughout the year, but I prefer to start listening to it about two weeks before Christmas (the holiday he celebrates).”

Meanwhile, Zeke Tomas, freshman, feels that the holiday spirit starts around the fall time.

“It is too early to start celebrating holidays in the summer,” he jokes, “but honestly I feel that any time before October is too early to be getting ready for the holidays which are so far away.”

Senior Matthew Gamboa believes that the holiday season begins whenever you choose to start celebrating it.

“I think it’s time to get into the holiday spirit when we can all feel it coming up, but if you start too early, it takes some of the fun away when the holiday really does come up.” he said.

According to a number of students at West CTA, the start of the holiday season varies among each and every one of us. Throughout our nation, the holidays are an exciting time of year, but it sometimes becomes controversial when someone writes their “holiday wish list” in the middle of summer.

Overall, the holidays are a time for smiles and appreciation for one another, so instead of focusing on the unimportant start of the season, we should enjoy this special time of year.

Photo Credit: Stav Levaton

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