I Don’t Know My Name

2016 has been a sensational year for young performer, Grace Vanderwaal. After winning $1 Million on a talent show, and getting a record deal, Vanderwaal has been having the time of her life.

Grace went viral after her audition for the televised talent competition, America’s Got Talent aired. In her audition Grace performed an original song that she wrote, titled “I Don’t Know My Name”. The song got the attention of the judges and the world likewise. With over 47,671,465 views on YouTube, Grace’s audition is one of the highest trending videos in 2016.

Grace went on throughout the competition to perform more of her catchy original songs. All of the songs that she sang had deep meanings that pertain to Grace’s own life. One example is that her song, “Beautiful Thing” is an ode to her older sister. Grace’s has also written about things that kids around her deal with, like bullying.

With all of these new songs Grace captured the world’s attention, and never let it go. After three months of continuously moving up to the Finals, Grace finally won her spot as America’s Got Talent winner for season 11. Along with winning the titled, Vanderwaal won the $1,000,000, and the live show in Las Vegas, that come with it. Grace is only the second woman act to win, and also is only the second child act to win also.

After she won, Vanderwaal appeared on talk shows such as The Ellen DeGeneres Show and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. When asked what she would do with the prize money, she said that she would donate most of it, but save some to purchase a treehouse for her and her sister.

Columbia Records also began to take an interest into Grace after she won AGT. She later signed to the record in September of 2016, and released her debut EP, titled Perfectly Imperfect. The EP is comprised of all the songs that Vanderwaal sang on America’s Got Talent, and also a new song, “Gossip Girl”.

So many people have given praise to this new upcoming star. One fan of Grace includes Teen Vogue writer, Brianna Wiest, who said, “In five tracks, Grace takes us through an array of emotions – and styles…” After so much attention, it's almost exciting to see what Grace Vanderwaal serenades us with next.

Photo Credit: Columbia Records

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