Holidays at Hogwarts

Students at WCTA were transported to a magical assembly through the theme of Holidays at Hogwarts. This year’s winter assembly, all thanks to Student Council, was possibly the best one yet.

The assembly began with the national anthem sung by senior Sabrina Herman.

Student-body president, Kristen De Guzman, brought out “Hogwarts Alumni” Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, and Neville Longbottom, all played by StuCo juniors.

Next, Orchestra, conducted by Dr. Maldonado, beautifully played some songs, many of which were a part of the Harry Potter soundtrack.

Afterward, Dance Company have once again put on an exciting performance, dancing to popular Christmas hits like “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” while also incorporating a comical story into the choreography.

WCTA also partook in the famous “Mannequin Challenge” after “Harry” had a confrontation with “Voldemort” and enacted the freezing spell, “Petrificus Totalus,” with the help of Neville Longbottom.

In the last activity, students had the chance to “sundae” teachers, and as an added bonus, De Guzman, during the junior/senior assembly, challenged students to donate $25 to the Thirst Project to have Ms. Snipes “sundaed” as well. Students quickly ran down to donate enough money, and Jordyn Griffin, junior, had the opportunity to cover Ms. Snipes in ice cream, chocolate syrup, and sprinkles, while the freshmen/sophomores covered WCTA Assistant Principal, Mr. Yee and De Guzman.

In the week leading up to the assembly, spirit week kicked student’s excitement into high gear by participating into the various Harry Potter themed dress up days. As the week progressed, students who filled out a holiday wish form sent by Student Council got a surprise visit from Hedwig the Owl.

Overall, Holidays at Hogwarts made for a fun and entertaining time. A big thank you to StuCo and their efforts to make this winter assembly magical!

Photo Credit: Lauren Worthen, Student Body Historian

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