Resolution 2334

The past few weeks have proven to be challenging times for American-Israeli relations. On December 23, 2016, the UN enacted a resolution dealing with Israeli settlements in Palestinian territory. UNSC Resolution 2334 demanded that Israel cease settlement activities in these lands immediately.

US Diplomat, John Kerry, followed the decision up with a speech made in which he expressed his belief in a Two-State Solution. He had stated that “friends need to tell each-other the hard truth,” while also claiming that both Palestinians and Israelis need to reach a conclusion.

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, voiced his “disappointment” in Kerry’s speech. He’s made several statements blaming the Obama administration and Kerry for their supposed negligence of Israel, claiming Kerry had paid “lip service to the paid lip service to the unremitting Palestinian campaign of terrorism.”

Israel has been an American ally for a long time, and it’s possible that this UN resolution could put a dent in it. Many Israelis feel that this is a sort of “stab in the back” on behalf of the UN and the Obama administration.

Talk of the Resolution has reached many important political figures, including President-elect Donald Trump, who tweeted about the issue, criticizing the resolution. Netanyahu responded by thanking Trump for his “clear-cut support for Israel.”

It is quite possible that this Trump presidency would mean closer ties to Israel, and some sort of alleviation of the tension we see at the moment. Trump has made his support for Israel clear throughout the election.

As of now, the prospect of a two-state-solution between Israel and Palestine seems unlikely. What is likely, however, is that there will be an American response to this Resolution, be it on behalf of the UN or Israel.

Photo Credit: J.J. Golberg

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