The Commercial Conundrum

For 51 years, the Super Bowl has always been the most anticipated championship game where passionate fans of football gather with their friends and family to see which team will end up victorious... but let's be honest, the only reason people watch the Super Bowl nowadays is the unforgettable commercials that air in between the game.

This year, however, it seems as though fans (or those who only watch the Super Bowl for the ads) were disappointed, saying that the quality of the commercials have decreased, as there were only a few memorable commercials throughout the entire Super Bowl.

Even Doritos skipped out on having a commercial aired during the game this year, which further disappointed many, as the Doritos commercials were always a fan favorite.

Ads this year mostly consisted of big-name companies like T-Mobile, Intel, and varying car brands. There were also previews for TV shows, and fans became excited when a teaser trailer for Stranger Things 2 aired.

The cost to get a thirty second spot for an ad for this year’s Super Bowl LI was a staggering $5 million, a rise from last year’s cost of $4.8 million.

Fox and and the NFL have the right to approve any of the commercials played during the Super Bowl, saying in the online network guideline that they do not sell commercial time for “viewpoint or advocacy of controversial issues.”

This was proven when a particular commercial by 84 Lumber, a private supplier for building materials, had to edit their ad to fit Fox’s guidelines.

The original ad depicted a Spanish-speaking mother and her daughter confronting a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico, and Fox deemed it as “too controversial,” though they declined to comment on behalf of the commercial. The new, edited ad removes the depiction of the wall.

84 Lumber’s website also crashed when viewers visited the site after the commercial aired to watch the unedited version.

Regardless of whether or not this year’s commercials were the worst, or deemed controversial, there were still a few that managed to make viewers laugh in light of football fans’ stress of going into overtime.

Photo Credit: Jasel Layson

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