We the People of WCTA...

We the People of WCTA… have dedicated students with an eye for competing! This was proven last Saturday as Ms. Casolari’s seniors competed in this year’s We the People State Finals.

Earlier this week the We the People team here at WCTA competed against other schools at the We the People Nevada State Finals on February 4th. The finals took place right here at the West Career and Technical Academy campus.

The competition itself, according to the state program, is composed of simulated congressional hearings on the Constitution and Bill of Rights. In groups, the students appear before a “congressional committee” and give an oral presentation on constitutional issues.

In preparation for the event, students had to prepare speeches on their designated unit topic, and on the day of the competition, they had four minutes to deliver their opening speeches. According to Ms. Casolari, the students begin working on speeches in early October and work with their assigned unit to complete three speeches over their content.

Ms. Casolari says that once they have a speech they are happy with, they practice for cross examination in which the students prepare and study supreme court cases, constitutional law and current events. Students watch the news and follow different news feeds constantly and take what is happening in the news and apply it to their unit.

At the end of the competition day, everyone was gathered at the gym for the Awards Ceremony where winners were announced and teachers were recognized for the work put into preparing their students. Former Nevada Senator Richard Bryan also made an appearance as a speaker during the ceremony.

WCTA’s We the People, Unit 4 (Three Branches of Government) won 2nd place at the finals, and Unit 6 (America in the Global Sphere) won 3rd place. The entire team ranked 6th place overall.

“I am very proud of my students! I love hearing them talk about politics and hear how engaged they are and the love they have for the topic,” says Ms. Casolari, “It is such an important time to be engaged in politics and I can confidently say, all 24 of my students have a great understanding of the Constitution, law and the events happening daily.”

“WTP gives students the opportunity to participate in a congressional mock competition where they can showcase their political knowledge and presentation skills. They get to engage in political conversation with local judges, Nevada Supreme court judges, lawyers and professors and are recognized by Nevada senators and the State's superintendent,” adds Ms. Casolari when asked about the opportunities that We the People give students.

Though We the People will not be advancing to nationals, their effort and dedication does not go unnoticed. Congratulations once again to Ms. Casolari and her students for making it as far as they have in the competition!

Congrats to We the People!

Photo Credit: Jasel Layson

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