CCSD Fights Back

Nevada is home to one of the highest percentages of undocumented immigrants in the nation. Following President Trump’s executive order that stripped funding from sanctuary cities, the Clark County Trustee Board voted in a 6-1 vote to designate Clark County as a sanctuary district for immigrants with the support of Representative Dina Titus and activist Astrid Silva this past Thursday.

The resolution, "Commitment to Students Regardless of Immigration Status,” proposed by Trustee Carolyn Edwards, reaffirms federal law and allows for students to focus on their studies instead of being fearful about the future and the threat of deportation. The resolution states that the immigration policies of President Donald Trump "could cause a disruption to the safety and security of members of our educational community."

It will ensure to families and students that they will continue to do what they are already doing in terms of protecting privacy.

In the Supreme Court case Plyer v. Doe in 1982, the court asserted that ALL children must have equal access to public education regardless of citizenship or immigration status. Additionally, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 requires that public schools protect students from discrimination or harassment based on national origin.

Public schools have no legal or constitutional requirement to help enforce federal immigration laws. This resolution reaffirms this case and is protected from presidential executive orders and Congressional law.

Photo Credit: Benjamin Hager


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