Goodbye Sea Monkeys!

It’s official! Region 5 is now moving around schools for the new division: Division 28 West. What does this mean for West CTA Key Club?

Originally, West CTA Key Club was a part of the original Division 28 West Sea Monkeys, but with the realignment of schools, West CTA Key Club is now a part of the new Division 28 West.

Newcomer Division 28 East will now be the new addition to Region 5, taking the Pandas mascot from the original Division 28 South. In addition to Division 28 South, they have now officially taken the Sea Monkeys mascot for their own.

Some schools included in the new Division 28 West include: Palo Verde High School, Northwest CTA, Cimarron-Memorial High School, and many more.

Now that the new Division 28 West are no longer Sea Monkeys, a new mascot will be chosen at Conclave on February 4. Some of the potential mascots include walruses, whales, earthworms, and moons.

¨It's pretty sad and kind of disappointing because that was our original mascot,¨ said Michelle Zhao, 9th grade Key Club member. “We even have a shirt of it and everything, but it doesn't affect me as much since I'm only a freshman. I´m really excited to see what the new mascot will be and hope it is a good one!¨

West CTA Key Club bulletin editor, Kyle Apilado, grade 12 said, ¨I think it was a good idea for the overall region, but they failed to accept the opinions of other key clubbers. In the end, I think although some clubs might be happy with it, many others are slightly upset about the new division.

¨I believe that the realignment is a good thing for our region! We have such a large number of clubs in the Las Vegas valley that it makes sense to create a new division!¨ said Sara Smith, president of West CTA Key Club when asked what she thought about the realignment. “A new division means we have the opportunity to charter more key clubs in more high schools!¨

Division 28 East will not go into effect until after District Convention. District Convention (DCON) is held every year to promote the year-round of service for the district. It is also where officer´s terms come to an end, and the new officers are inducted.

Overall, the fate of West CTA Key Club will be determined in a few days. However, their spirit for and passion for volunteering will never fade.

Photo Credit: Division 28 Sea Monkeys Instagram

Graphic of potential mascots for Division 28 West.

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