The West Tech Wrangling Workout

On Tuesday the 24th, students from all different schools packed into West Tech’s cafeteria for a competition that would test which school’s crossfit program was most prepared in strength and technique. Every month different high schools hosts throwdowns for a friendly competition with a crossfit workout but this time there would be rankings and adrenaline running through the air.

Approximately 120 participants came and battled for a placement in the three different categories of the contestants. The community of crossfitters were competitive but the environment of encouragement was astonishing. People were cheering on people they didn’t know and because of that, the people doing the workout got so many personal records (PRs).

The workout of a clean ladder made students do as many cleans as they could at the escalating weights and when they got stuck at a weight, everyone would cheer for them to get up from the squat.

Score counter and weight lifting coach here at West, Ms.Welchert, said “ It [the environment] was extremely positive.”

Freshman competitor from West, Megan Reynolds, said “Parents and students loved the competition and fortitude in the air. It was amazing to meet new people in the community who love crossfit too.”

Students from West performed exceptionally and placed in intermediate and advanced divisions. “We had the home field advantage... but everyone there performed well.” Welchert said. The organized, efficient system had students operating excellently and Reynolds said “ The coaches definitely taught us to work to the best of our ability and we did.”

Our school proved our strength, sportsmanship, and stunning technique and most participants are ready for the next competition.

Photo Credit: Mrs. Swenson, Coach Swenson’s wife

The West Tech Crossfitter participants gather round to show off their guns after the work is over. With large smiles they told each other how good everyone did.

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