In order to promote more positive change in the school for both the student body and the staff, Clark County has instituted a forum, the Student Organizational Team (SOT), for more voices to be involved within the heart of school based decisions.

The main goal of the SOT is to have a wider base for student and policy interaction. Basically, in order to have more successful, less controversial standards and school-wide policies, all schools in Clark County have created their own teams of people related to the school. Although the team itself can’t make decisions, as a collective group, they can advise Mrs. Rozar on her decisions.

This team consists of eleven people: four parents, four teachers, two students, two support staff, one community business member. Peter Grema and Scott Le serva as the two student members, Mrs. Williams as Chair, Mr. Brain as Secretary, Mark Hyde as a member, Joanie Till as a member, Mrs. Campbell as a member/alternate secretary, Mrs. Garbutt as a member, Mr. Martin as Vice Chair, Lydia Clark as a member, Gil Lejarde as a member, Jonathan Ullman as a member, Ms. Pavesich as a member/alternate vice-chair, and Jeanne Graham as a member. All of the members are either teachers, students, or a member of staff.

Some topics the SOT plans on discussing and giving recommendations on are the school budget, re-take policies, core values, and anything that hits a member of the school.

The SOT currently has one meeting a month, typically on Wednesdays at 4:30 p.m. open to Public Comment, but with multiple other monthly meetings for the team to review data and discuss agendas.


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