Once Bitten, Twice Rocked

On February 18, the Eastside Cannery Hotel housed two of the biggest names in the 80s rock scene, Slaughter and Great White. The two bands played a sold-out show, keeping the audience entertained with their many hits, rockin’ guitar riffs, and more.

Slaughter, American hard rock band formed in 1988, was the first multi-platinum rock band from Las Vegas. The current lineup and the one who opened the show, features lead vocalist Mark Slaughter, lead guitarist Jeff Bland, bass guitarist Dana Strum, and drummer Zoltan Chaney.

Performing many hits from their first album Stick It To Ya like “Up All Night,” “Mad About You,” and “Fly to the Angels.” Slaughter’s raw, metal vibe pumped up the audience for Great White’s subsequent set.

Great White is an American blues and hard rock band formed in Los Angeles in 1977. The current lineup features lead vocalist Terry Ilous, lead guitarist Mark Kendall, rhythm guitarist Michael Lardie, bass guitarist Scott Snyder, and drummer Audie Desbrow.

Great White kept the audience audibly satisfied by performing many hits from their third and fourth albums Once Bitten and ...Twice Shy like “House of Broken Love,” “Once Bitten, Twice Shy,” “Mista Bone,” “The Angel Song,” “Rock Me,” and “Save Your Love.”

As far as their performance goes, both bands did a great job delivering their classic hits even thirty years later. Slaughter furnished his iconic metal vocals even though he wasn’t able to hit some of those legendary high notes and Bland produced enough energy to nail some pretty intricate guitar solos. Filling the absence of original Slaughter drummer, Blas Elias, was the overly animated Zoltan Chaney who infused their set with stick tricks and wild cymbal hits.

Ilous did an especially appreciable job filling the shoes of original Great White singer, Jack Russell’s, place, and Kendall continued to deliver that soulful blues sound that fans originally fell in love with. Great White’s drummer, while not as flamboyant as Chaney, gave a more solid performance and was clearly more professional.

Great White and Slaughter definitely delivered a memorable performance and will hopefully return again to rock more fans’ hearts.

Photo Credit: Grace Hyde


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