Ode to TØP

No words can describe the beauty that was the Twenty One Pilots Emotional Roadshow concert.

They’re back and better than ever. Twenty One Pilots have been taking the music world by storm with hit after hit, creating songs like “Ride,” “Stressed Out,” and “Heathens.” It really seems like nothing can stop this record breaking band.

The concert began with the two opening artists, Judah and the Lion, and Jon Bellion. Judah and the Lion perform a mix of folk-country, with hip hop, and fun pop music, bringing a whole new unique taste to the musical pallet. Jon Bellion, being a more common name in the industry now, got a whole different type of reaction out of the crowd, with fans screaming all over, as if he were a member of One Direction.

Twenty One Pilots began their part of the concert with one of their most fast paced and emotional songs to date, “Heavydirtysoul”. The song effectively got every person out of their seat and got the people in the pit jumping to amazing heights.

This band never ceases to disappoint in concert antics. They fill their shows with amazing things like: backflips off of pianos, running on the crowd in giant hamster ball (it’s real), disappearing acts, and even playing drums on the crowd. The last example was brought to life during the song, “Ride”, when security bring out a drum kit, harnessed to a platform, and allowed the crowd to hold it up, along with the bands valued drummer, Josh Dun.

The energy in the room was absolutely contagious. Everyone was respectful to the band, as well as their fellow audience members, knowing that everybody’s here for the same reason: to enjoy the beauty of TØP’s live performances.Throughout the concert, nobody seemed to lose a beat, or even forget a lyric. They all seemed to know every song by heart, and have every special moment memorized.

However there were some minor problems, unrelated to the band. For instance, at one point, a frail young woman had to be removed because she began losing consciousness, due to her anxiety and claustrophobia.

The band went on to perform some of their fans most favorite songs, such as “Holding Onto You” (where Dun backflips off of the piano), “Migraine”, and “Car Radio”, which was their first critical, and charting success.

However Tyler Joseph, the band’s vocalist, didn’t seem to leave the opening acts in the back, since he brought them out on stage for a short setlist of covers. Twenty One Pilots, along with Judah and the Lion and Jon Bellion, belted out their versions of popular songs like: “Tubthumping”, “No Diggity”, “Where is the Love?”, and “Jump Around”.

T he last song on the setlist was meant to be “Car Radio” with Joseph climbing a lighting tower, and unmasking himself, yet again. However, the crowd very much didn’t let this happen, cheering “encore” and “TØP” again and again. Thus began the encore, which consists of two of the saddest, most raw, and emotional songs for Twenty One Pilots fans, “Goner” and “Trees”

Goner is a very slow and serious song, up until the last minute or so, which is full of screaming, heavy drums, and emotional voice cracks. Trees, on the other hand, is seen as the big finale. Trees begins with Tyler giving a unique speech about his time in the show, with the prominent message of the band's motto, “Stay Alive” looming in the speech. After performing the song and the speech, the security bring out another set of platforms, however these aren’t for drums, they’re for Tyler and Josh to stand on the crowd with.

The crowd holds up the two boys, and their two large drums, as they perform the last, most heartfelt part of the concert: the “Trees” drumming. The crowd sings along to the “yeah!”s as the iconic red confetti rains down from the top of the venue, covering the entirety of the audience.

Overall, the concert was an absolutely amazing experience. Filled with amazing antics, beautiful vocals, and exciting energy, and there are high hopes that Twenty One Pilots come back soon.

Photo CredIt: Twenty-One Pilots

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