Pie for a Cause

Some of the key Key Club board members elect got a very strange welcoming to their new board positions on Thursday, March 2nd with annual Pie in the Face fundraiser.

The fundraiser was held to raise funds for the club and to help Key Clubbers attend big events like District Convention and Fall Rally.

For $1, any student, Key Club member or not, was able to smash a plate full of whipped cream into the face of any board member or board member elect. For $5, anyone was able to pie anyone they wanted.

The activity began with the current board getting pied in the face. One after another, more and more participated in pieing people in the face. Whip cream was scattered across the concrete of the Quad when the event was done.

“Pie in the Face was a great event,” said Hannah Hu, 9th grade Key Club member, “Luckily, I didn’t get whip cream on myself. I believe that it was a great idea for a fundraiser because not only was it for our club, it gave you the opportunity to take out some anger on some people. Pieing my friends in the face was such a satisfying feeling.”

The event lasted for almost 2 hours trying to get all the participants in, starting from 1:30 and ending at 3:30.

After all the chaos, the funds were counted and added up to around $200, achieving their goal. Overall, the whole event was considered a success, allowing Key Clubbers participate in not only a fun activity, but also support their fellow members as well.

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