Las Vegas Dance Marathon

Key Club members danced their hearts out at the UNLV Student Union for a worthy cause. Many people came to show their support for Children’s Miracle Network.

Las Vegas Dance Marathon was hosted on March 4th, 2017, with an entrance fee of $10. Children’s Miracle Network was the main sponsor of this event. Microsoft and Panda Express were two other sponsors that assisted in the event.

Over 800 attendees were at Dance Marathon. 43 different high schools had their Key Club members attend. Dance Marathon was nonstop fun for eight hours from 12PM to 8PM.

Ashley Urbina, freshman, had a few things to say about the event. “I attended because it seemed fun based on what previous attendees said, and because it was for a good cause.” “My favorite part of Dance Marathon was seeing the Sugoiers perform because some of them go to my school.”

“My favorite performance was when Aisa, Henry, and Joel played piano and sang.”

“Interaction was good because I was able to meet people with the same interests.”

Evelyn Wang, freshman, enjoyed going to the event. “I attended Dance Marathon because it sounded fun and you could help people at the same time.” “My favorite part of Dance Marathon was dancing because it was really fun.” Wang’s favorite performers were the Sugoiers. “I enjoyed interacting with other Key Club members. It was easy because everyone is really nice and helpful.”

At the event, attendees got to support the Children’s Miracle Network by buying Lego Bracelets that they had available. The bracelets cost $15 apiece.

With sponsors like Microsoft and Panda Express, they helped the event by providing services and products. Panda Express gave the people who attended lunch. Microsoft gave out light-up glasses and set up Xbox Ones for people to play with.

Overall, Las Vegas Dance Marathon displayed the true elements of what Key Club is really about; serving up service and having fun while doing it! This is an event that will live on in the memories of everybody who went.

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