A Magical World of Dance

On March 8-10, the West Career and Technical Academy held their annual spring dance concert at the gymnasium. This years concept, “A Magical World of Dance”, revolved around music and characters from popular Disney movies. The concert was filled with WCTA students of all grades and dance levels, that performed a total of 32 pieces.

Dances ranged from contemporary to hip-hop. The different styles of dance performed allowed the audience to be able to experience different varieties of emotions.

One of the most raved dance was “It's a Small World”, a duet performed by Ashley Hong and Adrian Garcia. This power dynamic performed an upbeat hip hop routine that captivated the audiences attention.

The dancers were highly skilled, and could tell a lot of time was spent perfecting it. There was a good balance between the duet, and neither dancer overpowered the other.

The dance showcase is a time to show what the dancers have learned, and so see the improvement from last years performance.

Sophomore, Marinell Adrian said, “Personally, this dance concert is different from last years because I made dance company, leading to an influx of numbers and meeting new people. Both factors made it more enjoyable for me and I hope it's like this again.”

All of the dancers have been preparing for the concert since September. They have spent numerous hours outside of school working on their pieces.

Freshman Kebron Abebe said, “This was my first year performing in the dance concert, and it was such an amazing experience. I was able to make great memories, and work past my stage fright.”

Abebe wasn’t the only one who felt this way. Many of the dancer view dance as a big family and are lucky to be apart of such a hardworking group of people.

Sophomore, Gabby Disi said, “My favorite piece from this year was definitely my trio, ‘Busted’. I choreographed it with two of my best friends, Marinell Edran and Danielle Etiel, and we were able to showcase some skills we don't normally do. We worked hard on it and I personally got really into the spy persona while doing it!”

This year dance concert was one for the books. There is no doubt the audience loved the performance and the energetic vibe it gave. If you missed the performance a live stream from all three day are available on Youtube at the WCTA Dance Concert 2017 location.

Photo Credit: Ethan Estandian

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