Ed Sheeran ÷ Album Review

The iconic “Ginger Jesus” is back with a brand new album “Divide!”On March 3rd, he released 16 brand new songs including the hit single “Shape of You”, with Ed’s coffee shop music vibes, he released a brand new masterpiece.

Ed Sheeran’s last albums “+” and “x” follow the same “mathematical symbol” concept as “÷.” The album “Divide” is like any other Ed Sheeran album but 2x as better as the songs have a similar blues and jazz sounds and deep meaning.

The opening song “Eraser” starts off with Ed Sheeran’s hidden talent for rapping and provides a background story from the start of his career. His strong voice during the rap parts and softness during the chorus provide a nice contrast to start off the album. The iconic “Shape of You” that ranked #1 on Billboard, Itunes, and Spotify charts, is certainly a fan’s favorite. His comforting voice and the unique beat has everyone bopping to it. When Ed went to Africa during his hiatus he was inspired by the drums they played there for his beat.

The next song “Perfect” has “Thinking Out Loud” vibes from his recent album “Multiply”. The slow waltz ballad with passionate lyrics provide the perfect love song to serenade or slow dance to any significant other. In a recent interview with MTV, Sheeran said “Perfect is the best love song of my career. I wanted to beat “Thinking Out Loud” I wasn’t in any other mind.” The lyrics even make it the perfect slow dance “Baby, I’m dancing in the dark with you between my arms, Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song” is what every girl imagines she would do with her lover.

“Divide” currently ranks #1 in Itunes New Music Charts, Top Albums, and #2 in Top Songs with “Shape of You.” On the Billboard Charts he ranks #1 on The Hot 100. Fans have been waiting so long for this comeback after a one year hiatus and he certainly hasn’t disappointed anyone.

After a year hiatus, Ed is finally back with an album that certainly didn’t disappoint his fans! It seems like he works best when he’s utterly heartbroken or devastated. But with each song, he delivers a powerful message and passion that many people love.

Photo Credit: Ed Sheeran

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