On Saturday April 1st, West Career and Technical Academy hosted their annual Sneak-A-Peak for the incoming freshmen.

The event consisted of various clubs advertising their name, a community flea market, and hundreds of freshmen strolling the Quad.

The event began even before the students arrived. Clubs were busy setting up their tables and getting signs and merchandise ready to pitch their club to the new students.

In addition to the eager clubs excited to meet the incoming students, a community flea market was also held in the parking lot for local businesses and clubs to sell additional items.

As the new students started to file in, clubs immediately got involved to try to get their attention. Unfortunately, the students had to take a placement test that day which delayed the festivities. However, once they were finished, the crowd of youth was gathered around the Quad.

Many students visited clubs, looked through hallways for the program classes, and got registered for their classes.

“The event at West Tech felt welcoming and it was very beneficial to see the divergent specks of what the school has to offer,” said Tiffany Jung, an incoming freshman in the biomedical sciences program. “I got to be informed of various activities, and see the school visually.”

When asked if she was excited to be a wrangler, Jung said, “I feel extremely enthusiastic about attending West Tech because I get to be more educated regarding certain subjects. The way that the school runs is very different and remarkable compared to traditional high schools.”

All in all, the events was a success to get the class of 2021 more comfortable with the school they’re attending and get them interested in clubs they wish to join. Although every year we lose great wranglers, fresh new faces always rise to the occasion.

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