East Gets Hit Again

The storms have struck again! Winterstorm Stella has dumped approximately 3 to 5 feet of snow to parts of the state New York of the week of March 20.

Governors in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut all issued a state of emergency when the storm descended. Connecticut governor, Dan Malloy, even issued a statewide travel ban prohibiting all road travel for non-essential personnel.

Winterstorm Stella has caused airline flights in and out of New York and Boston to cancel. As much as 8,745 flights were canceled disrupting travel for over 500,000 passengers, according to FlightAware.com, an online flight tracking service.

Four deaths were also attributed to the storm. Two people died in midwest and two people in Milwaukee also died. One death was caused by a car crash and the other happened when a plow train crashed into the train he was driving.

However, the storm brought less snow than originally feared in the metropolitan areas of New York, Washington, and Philadelphia, but enough to make sledding and snowman building available to the children. Sleet and freezing rain fell on top of the snow that already fell adding an icy and crusty layer to the roadways.

The highest totals from the storm turned out to be the 30 inches that fell in Damascus, PA and the 20 inches that fell in Binghamton, NY. The highest wind gusts measured to be about 70 mph in Wellfleet, MA.

The storms also meant consequences for the food and electricity. A local safeway in Fairfax, VA had empty shelves on the bread, cheese, and milk aisles, with also a clear reduction on the beer and wine aisle.

Storms are expected to continue all throughout the rest of March as well as early parts of April. The eastern part of America may have gotten hit really bad this time, but things will get better.

Photo Credit: CNBC

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