The Kong Dethroned at the Box Office

No amount of popcorn and candies at the movies can avoid the fact that King Kong, the enormous, chest banging gorilla has been shamed by the latest movie Kong: Skull Island. Although it had impressive box office sales, it was not what was expected from the actors. The notorious King Kong might have been well animated but the storyline of this movie was weak unlike him.

When Kong: Skull Island was released as a new coming movie, fans of the King Kong legend were excited for a movie that was filled with prevailing actors and actresses and a story that was filled with action.

Actors that were featured were Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, Tom Hiddleston, and many more. The most personable character, Tom Hiddleston is known from his part as the villain Loki from Avengers movies. The director, Jordan Vogt-Roberts, previously directed movies that had a common theme of immaturity like The Kings of Summer and Successful Alcoholics. Despite this, viewers wanted to see what was done with this movie.

The action packed movie started out slower and perhaps a little boring, but kept viewers watching because of the enticing storyline. An adventurous trip to an uncharted island in 1971 was the base of the plot and the director and author could have gone so many creative ways with this exposition.

The movie went on with a mass of characters with no clear main character or characters; when the action began, it seemed unimpressive because the movie trailer spoiled the first huge action scene. Although the graphics of the rising action scenes were amazing, the continued rising action wasn’t well executed because of the unorganized fragments of different characters in different situations on the island. By the end of the movie, watchers had an overall feel for an action packed movie that went nowhere and didn’t affect them.

The actors were great for their individual parts but together, the characters did not work well with each other and the acting wasn’t smooth. Bits of humor from the actor John Reilly made the cheesy development of the movie bearable. The common theme of King Kong was kept and it made viewers feel for Kong but the little things that make for an overall good movie were lost.

For the amazing actors, graphics, and the jokes, this movie could have been less disappointing. For admirers of the Kong movies and extreme action, this film, Kong: Skull Island, could either make or break your image of King Kong himself.

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