Beauty and the Best Controversy

People all around the world have expressed their love for the new Beauty and the Beast movie that recently hit theaters. The romantic tale is one in which many people admire, but Belle and the Beast weren’t the only two to show a moment of love. One scene in particular has caught many people by surprise, causing an international controversy with Disney.

The scene consists of two male characters, Lefou and Stanley, dancing at the end of the movie, in which they share a glare of admiration towards each other, implying a state of affection. Lefou is named the first ever openly gay Disney character, with director, Bill Condon, confirming the character’s sexuality.

This one quick moment was believed to be the first “gay moment” displayed in Disney, and has been celebrated by many members and supporters of the LGBTQ community who felt it was a big step into the acceptance of their community in society. Some even believed that the character claimed gay should have had a larger role in means of his sexuality.

Meanwhile, a large number of people have labeled the scene as incredibly inappropriate, especially in a movie aimed towards kids. Places including Russia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and even Alabama have fought towards banning the movie, or even cutting out the scene. This consists of many people who have boycotted the film, in disgust or outrage of including the gay character.

Another handful of people feel the moment was so quick and irrelevant to the plot, there should not be any trouble occurring. This crowd feels it was something unnoticeable to kids, so no consequences should come towards the writers of the movie.

The Huffington Post stands against the drama the movie has brought, calling those against the scene “hypocrites”. Their argument consists of the following: Is the short gay scene worse than the gun violence Gaston used against Beast? Was the use of guns okay for children to watch, while a glance between two men is labeled as inappropriate? The Huffington Post feels there is much more to pay attention to in the movie than this harmless display of affection.

Overall, it is unheard of for a movie that is known worldwide to be without at least one critic. Whether accepted or not, Disney has been clear with their stance on keeping the moment in the movie, and are not changing the movie that hit number one in box office. In the end, the Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast (2017) has brought more joy than anger for most.

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