StuCo Take on State

Leadership. Engagement. These were the two main motifs of this past weekend’s State Student Council conference in in Las Vegas from April 20th to April 23rd. At the conference, delegates spent time bonding with their JC (Junior Counselor) groups, listening to guest speakers, participating in workshops, and getting to know other Student Council members. Among the activities, students participated in “tortilla frisbee” to increase the energy at the conference and engage the audience. Students were given tortillas and asked to throw the tortilla into the designated targets. Most of the workshops given at the conference were related to student participation and Student Council bonding.

West CTA’s Student Council even won the prestigious Silver Star Award. The Silver Star Award is the highest award that a school can receive from the Nevada Association of Student Councils and requires extensive documentation and participation in monthly goal packets, as well as an annual scrapbook.

When asked about her favorite part of the conference and what lessons she took away, Junior Alexa Ching said, “My favorite part of the conference would have to be either council time…[and] the energy! Some lessons I took away from the conference was to always be the bigger person in every situation & to never judge a person if you don’t know them that well.”

Conferences have great lessons that can be applied to make each individual Student Council stronger.

Alexa said she learned several bonding exercises that she can apply to our council, including applying the moral lessons she learned through different workshops. It looks like West CTA’s Student Council had a blast!

Photo Credit: Conner Radmall

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