Give Water, Give Life

After more than a year’s worth of work and dedication, WCTA Thirst Project has raised an abundance amount of money, surpassing their goal of raising $12,000 to build a well in Swaziland.

Student Body President, Kristen De Guzman, who sought to make a change in the world, teamed up with Thirst Project to help end the global water crisis. The Thirst Project is a non-profit youth organization that travels to schools, campuses, and events to speak and encourage others to to raise awareness to the cause.

“Swazi 2022,” one of Thirst Project’s active campaigns, challenges students to raise money for freshwater wells in Swaziland with hopes to give the entire country clean water by 2022. It costs $12,000 to build a single well, and De Guzman has made it her goal to raise that money (which she did!)

According to De Guzman, she chose Thirst Project to take her leadership beyond the school’s campus to encourage our student body to impact the world, and she did exactly that with the help of Thirst Project interns, Sam Marzula and Kellen Brewer, plus members of the WCTA Thirst Project club.

Throughout the year, De Guzman and the members of the club held various fundraisers to reach the $12,000 goal. They ranged from garage sales, selling hand-made Thirst Project merchandise, to teaming up with Key Club who helped raise more than $550 for the “Thirsty 30” campaign. Their most recent fundraiser in honor of World Water Day (March 22nd) where they sold blue, tie-dyed shirts helped bring their total past the intended goal.

De Guzman was overwhelmed with joy to find out that they had reached well over $12,000, saying that she was “overflowing with gratefulness for all of the people who inspired this journey and supported the project.”

“I’d like to thank my family and friends for not thinking I was crazy when I told them I was going to take this project head on, and the administration and faculty at WCTA was vital in allowing me resources to cultivate this project on campus,” says De Guzman on behalf of the people who have aided her in this journey, “My teachers were key motivators and supporters from the day this began. The WCTA Thirst Project club members and our advisor, Mrs. Rivera-Negron, are the hardest working group of people I have ever come across; they are surely the most passionate group of leaders I know.”

She also adds, “The Thirst Project team was the most inspiring group of mentors that has ever impacted my life. Thank you Thirst Project for believing me and being there every step of the way. Yet, most importantly, I’d like to thank every person who donated to the project and those who helped spread support/awareness in any way. It is this group of people that changed the world. WE changed the world together; WE saved those lives.”

De Guzman, through the Thirst Project, is a Power of Youth Award winner and will travel to LA later this year at the Thirst Gala.

A massive congratulations to Kristen De Guzman and WCTA Thirst Project. Their hard work and passion for this cause is one that our student body will never forget, and perhaps one day, this will inspire others to take on a cause and make another long-lasting change in the world.

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