The Island That Forgets to Die

On the Greek Island, Ikaria, life is long and good. The island of Ikaria, also known as Icaria, people live much longer than the population on other islands and mainland. In fact, civilians of Ikaria live an average of 10 years longer than the rest of Europe and the Americas.

One in three people in Ikaria live into and even past their 90s. Cancer and dementia rates are significantly lower, along with lower amount of people with depression and heart disease and they also exercise and work out even when they're in their 90s.

The name, Ikaria, is based off of the legend of Icarus. Icarus is a young man in Greek mythology who’s the son of Daedalus, the creator of the labyrinth. He is believed to have fallen in the sea nearby.

Ikaria has also been the center of many scientific studies. Aside from the demographic surveys, there has also been a University of Athen’s study about the diet of the people that live there.

Ikarians drink a lot of herbal tea, small quantities of coffee, and calorie consumption wasn’t high. The study also found that the diet featured a lot of beans, local/wild greens, and red wine. What it didn’t feature was meat or refined sugar.

However, the island is far from wealthy. The island hasn’t escape the Greek crisis and also nearly 40% of the population is unemployed.

The American lifestyle is completely different from the Ikarian. Americans usually don’t exercise as much and their diet is not as healthy as theirs.

Cancer rates, depression, and heart diseases are also much higher. There are many factors that can influence these rates.

The reasons as to why they live so long are unknown. Maybe its their diet, maybe it’s that they exercise daily.


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