Chainsmokers Album Review

The electronic duo is back at it again with their new album, “Memories...Do Not Open”. The 12 track album debuted at the number one spot on the Billboard 200 charts, and sold over 166,000 records.

“Memories...Do Not Open” is The Chainsmokers debut album, but that doesn’t mean that they haven’t had intense critical and commercial success in the past. The Chainsmokers broke into the world of successful pop and edm with their 2014 parody song release “#Selfie” which mocked the vanity of the young generation that the two belong to.

Another example of The Chainsmokers intense success was their single, “Closer” dominated the #1 spot of the Billboard Top 100 for 24 consecutive weeks without fail. The song also went 7x platinum in the United States alone.

The album had two very strong singles, including the lead, “Something Just Like This” (which featured the British alternative bad, Coldplay), and another single from the album, “Paris”. Both of the single acquired large critical success and were a hit with most audiences, “Something Just Like This” peaking at the #3 spot of the Billboard Top 100 chart.

A large source of criticism for the album was the decision to use one of the duo’s, Andrew Taggart’s, vocals on a few of the songs. One critic, Jordan Sargent from the “Spin” entertainment website, said, “ The Chainsmokers’ performance on SNL last weekend also indicated that Taggart doesn’t offer too much as a natural vocalist, sounding instead like a guy that accidentally got ushered onstage because he looked the part”

Many people also called out the record for being somewhat repetitive and generic material. Damien Morris of ‘The Guardian’ ruthlessly noted, “This debut doesn’t dare vary their formula: instantly memorable yet completely forgettable music, with all the personality and passion of an invoice.”

The release of “Memories” was a very rushed one; with the album’s april release being announced only two months before at the Grammy’s red carpet by the duo. They also shortly after announced that they will be embarking on a United States Tour of the same name.

No matter the criticism and the comments, there is no denying that The Chainsmokers are a huge commercial success and will continue to dominate our airwaves as the future comes. With hit after hit it seems like this edm duo is going nowhere anytime soon.

Photo Credit: Columbia Records

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