Are Students Being Locked Out?

Waking up early for school almost everyday is one of the biggest complaints any high school student will have. Although schools like Palo Verde start at 8, West Tech is one of the few schools in Clark County that starts at 7 am. After a long night of homework, getting to school on time this early is a struggle for many students.

Although the majority of the school will be apathetic to this, as they have no problem getting to school on time regardless, those students who barely make it have more to say about the policy, and how it has affected them.

Before interviewing students on their opinions on the policy, it is important to understand the initial motive of the policy, which is confirmed by the school’s administration. Ms. Snipes, the dean of West Tech, explained why this policy is put in place.

“It’s a safety concern,” said the dean. “Non students were coming through those doors, so these policies can ensure they come through the office to get checked in.”

Although this does seem like a reasonable reason, as student safety is priority, no specific case was mentioned of unauthorized entry in the morning due to the lack of monitoring.

“I get we don’t want to risk anything for our safety, but I think the extent of people coming in are former students visiting teachers. There’s no issue with that and no other potential issues of people coming in if we don’t lock these doors” said an anonymous junior student.

Some students claim it does not affect the safety, as people can still easily come into the school without checking in. “If they really wanted to, they could come before 7 and no one would stop them,” said a junior who wished to remain anonymous. “It’s just affecting my attendance, I wouldn’t be as late as I am if I got to use the hallway doors, and that’s what they’re made for.”

“I feel like it’s not really fair to us because it’s not actually 7, and it makes us even more late by walking around,” said sophomore Arianna Ramos.

Students agreed that generally, the policy is inconvenient to their attendance, however, that it does alleviate the risk of any danger coming into the school.

“Monitored access into the school makes me feel safer, especially with the issues with shootings going on.”

Overall, it does cause students issues, but they are missing the fact that it's for safety reasons, and they are verified. Although it doesn't seem like a big deal, it can make all the difference in our student’s safety. However, a solution of compromise to benefit students could be an option to consider, although Ms. Snipes has stated that “there is no intention of changing the policy; it will not be lifted.”

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