Senior Trip to Washington D.C.

During spring break, West Career and Technical Academy’s senior class had the opportunity to attend a trip to Washington DC on April 5-10, touring national monuments, visiting museums, and exploring our nation’s capitol. A close-knit group of six students attended the trip along with two teacher chaperones.

“The senior trip was an unforgettable experience! I’ve never been to Washington D.C. before, and after taking government this year, I looked at all the historic landmarks and museums with a new set of eyes. From staring up at the Lincoln memorial to bicycling along the National Mall, words cannot express how grateful I was to attend this trip!” Alyssa Warner, senior, exclaims. “I am thankful for the friendships I have made throughout the five-day trip and would love to go again!”

The students were able to visit the U.S. Capitol, Library of Congress, National Archives, Supreme Court, and various memorials such as the Lincoln, Jefferson, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Franklin Delano Roosevelt memorial. In addition to the different buildings and monuments/memorials, seniors had the opportunity to attend multiple historic museums such as the Newseum, Ford’s Theatre and Museum, Spy Museum, Holocaust Museum, National Air and Space Museum, National Museum of American History, and more. A huge highlight of the trip was meeting Senator Catherine Cortez Masto, current senator for Nevada.

“The senior class trip to D.C. was such a memorable experience! Even though it was my second time traveling to this historic place, I got to enjoy it with some of my close friends. I had the opportunity to visit cool museums that I’ve never been to before such as the Newseum, Air and Space Museum, and the Spy Museum,” Adrian Garcia, senior, states. “The memories I’ve made with these people and the bonds I’ve shared will stay with me forever.”

I had the amazing opportunity to be one of the six seniors who attended the trip to D.C. My personal favorite places were the Library of Congress and Newseum. For me, the Library of Congress was one of my favorites because of the beautiful architecture and Thomas Jefferson library located inside. Walking into the famous building, I felt a rush of awe and admiration as I stared at the magnificent moldings and paintings spread out through the gallery. The interactive Newseum featured a timeline of journalism ranging from the early days of printing and press to technological advancements that hold monumental value in shaping the past, present, and future. The Newseum featured a real-life block of the Berlin Wall and a Pulitzer Prize photograph gallery. I enjoyed walking through the gallery and reading the background behind each heart-enriching story.

One of the more memorable experiences of the trip was our nighttime excursion to the national monuments. At eight p.m., we ventured out to visit the Lincoln and World War II memorial. Seeing the monuments under the starry night left me breathless. It was such a great experience being able to explore the heart of D.C. when everything was calm and standstill.

Overall, the trip to D.C. was an amazing and unforgettable experience. If I had the choice to go all over again, I would take up the offer in a heartbeat. The adventures and memories I’ve shared with my classmates are experiences that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

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