Ashley Urbina

“As of right now, I am cramming in tons of homework and late work that I need to catch up on. I procrastinate alot and I’ve just gotten lazier, meaning I don’t turn in assignments in on time. Overall, I’ve become very stressed and it’s been difficult to manage my time. It results in me with grades that are not straight A’s nor do I have a 4.0 GPA. Many of my projects involve partners, so the result of me not doing my work has affected their grade and perspective on me. My parents are stressed because they believe I am failing school, even though my grades aren’t in the range that is considered as “failing.” From this, I’ve learned to not procrastinate or become lazy. I’m working on turning in assignments on time, to put in 110% of my effort into projects and making sure I don’t disappoint myself or others around me. My mistakes only made me realize what I have to do to satisfy everyone. To prevent my procrastination problem, I’m choosing to limit the time I spend on social media. This will better help me in the future, reduce my chances of procrastination, and increase my grades in the next school year.”

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