Blake Laudermilch

"In this stand point of my life, the biggest thing that is going on in my life, is creating a career and a personal branding in high school. This plant, or stand point of my life, can determine the rest of my future. In high school, I am currently in the Digital Media program branching out into photography. This means that I am doing photoshoots with random people and friends and making money off it. This allows me to reach my main goal, being successful as a photographer. This is an appropriate impact that it has on my life. It is allowing me to express myself to the world and also show the world why I am here. In other words, what I am here to do… my destiny. This major milestone/event in my life is impacting others around me, but more benefiting me. I am getting endless support from my parents and friends, which helps me to keep grinding. Overall, from this biggest thing in my life that can determine my future, I expect to have that future that I always wanted. Sure, along the way I will run into problems, but then I will also learn that failure is an option. But in the meantime, there is no plan B."

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