Brianna Citron

“Right now I am really looking forward to summer. This is going to be the first summer I have my license and my own car. One of my favorite things to do is drive toward red rock right after sunset. The sky is a cotton candy pink that fades into lavender, and the mountains look really beautiful. It is my favorite time of day, but right now I am usually doing homework during the sunset.

This summer I am also on the lookout for another pair of heart shaped sunglasses. I only have one pair right now. These sunglasses are my life, and I can’t risk losing them or breaking them without having a backup pair. My sunglasses also make the sunset look better: I just really like the sunset dude.

Next school year, my sister is going to be a freshman at West, and I’m excited and also concerned because we both will have to get ready in the morning and drive to school together. Neither of us is really a morning person, so next school year should be interesting.”