Safety Information for Newsletter

The Clark County School District suggests the following precautionary measures for parents and their children. Parents are urged to have frank discussions with their children about the following:

1. Teach your children, regardless of age, their full name, your full name, their address, and phone number.

2. Explain the dangers of being adducted and/or molested.

3. Explain that private parts of their body should not be touched by anyone, and if that happens, to report it immediately.

4. Police officers are to be trusted for help; explain that police can always be identified by their marked car or motorcycle and their uniform.

5. Emphasize the importance of staying close to a parent, relative, or friend when they are away from home.

6. Explain the importance of noticing and remembering identifying characteristics of strangers, such as their height, hair, eye color, voice quality, clothes, and unusual marks. Also stress the importance of remembering the vehicle descriptions

7. Stress the importance of protesting and running away if a stranger tries to take your child/children somewhere.

8. Never accept candy, money, or gifts from strangers.

9. Never go into a garage, shed, or alley with a stranger. 10. Never get into a car with a stranger. If a stranger gets out of his/her vehicle, run away immediately. 11. Parents should occasionally accompany their child/children to school and monitor the area they are traveling.

12. Parents should know who their child/children normally walk to school with and the route they normally take.


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