Wild West Throwdown

Loud cheers filled the gym as the competitors began the intense work out. On Tuesday, October 3rd, students from across the Las Vegas school district filled the West Tech gym for a competition that challenged participants’ strength and ability with an intense workout.

Around 120 ambitious students came to partake in the crossfit throwdown to compete for placement into three different categories that was suitable for everyone to do.

The competition was exhilarating but the welcoming environment encouraged students to do better.

The workout consisted of front squats and various modifications depending on the division students would participate in.

Participates and other people who came to support cheered for their peers and for people they didn’t know when they were struggling in lifting the heavy weights. It lead to many people hitting personal records and a good time stance for placement in the competition.

Students from West did a remarkable performance that lead to quite a few of the West’s students making it into the top three for each division.

“Our students always look good whenever we bring them to a competition“, said WCTA’s crossfit coach, Coach Swenson and event announcer.

Athletes from the West community demonstrated the quality of their strength and the well-rounded sportsmanship the crossfit coaches had taught their students within the crossfit program at West. Proving that the students will be prepared for the next upcoming crossfit throwdown.

Photo Credit: Myah Shaikh

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