West Tech Girls: More Than Just Pretty Faces

As teams are formed and they rep up their game plans, the anticipation for the Powder Puff girl flag football games this year become more clear and competitive. The four football teams, that consist of freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors from West Tech, are preparing for the Wednesday and Thursday games on the West Tech field.

To get an insight of what the games might look like, the teams set practices and meetings. No matter the amount of practice and game plans, the players and coaches showed their competitive spirits when talking about their football teams. Mr. Ruiz, the sophomore team coach, said his “team is the best and will win.” The confidence is key to a strong team and Mr. Ruiz’s team last year made it to the finals with this same type of confidence.

The freshmen team this year are being coached by Mr.Crouch who is a well known Texas Cowboy fan. Mr.Crouch knows his way around plays and although he doesn’t have many players, he cares about the game. The sophomore team this year is constructed of well known players from last years freshmen team and is being coached by the popular campus monitor Mr.Ruiz, who coached them last year.

The junior team has many players this year and has Mr.Palafox as a coach who takes a positive and supportive attitude towards Powder Puff. Describing why Powder Puff football is fun and exciting, he said, “Powder Puff brings a lot of school spirit with a fun, competitive atmosphere.” The senior team, being coached by Mr.Gromny, is very large this year with girls that have been competing in Powder Puff for four straight years.

A poll taken shows that most students think that the sophomore team is going to win overall this year and in close second, the seniors. As the teams are confirmed, people begin to take their positions on who they are rooting for.

No matter who the students root for, this event is going to be exciting and full of school spirit. Following a Trunk-or-Treat and a tailgate, these flag football games will end the day with an enticing competition.

Photo Credit: SportsLogos

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